How to Advance from Temp to Full Time

You might have opted to work as a “temp” simply because the job market is so limited. You may have hoped to enter one company as a temp, specifically in order to get a shot at a full time position within their ranks. Either way, when you realize that you want to convert a temporary position into a full time job, you have some challenges ahead.

In this brief discussion, we are going to consider the things you need to do and the necessary steps required in order to get that opportunity presented to you in the first place.

This means you have to ask yourself one essential question: Is this temp work actually an opening to a full time position within this firm? Will they be interested in taking me on full-time?

Only you can know if the company is going to consider the creation of a full-time position, and this is something that you have to get clear before you begin communicating your interest.

If the answer to the question is yes, you can then proceed to make some action plans. Usually, the first thing you are going to have to do is to ask a manager or supervisor if you can “interview” for the work. This is a good way of clarifying if there is actually room in the company’s budget for another full time employee, and without putting the manager in an uncomfortable spot.

If they indicate that it would be acceptable to apply for the full time job, be sure that you have “networked” properly with the necessary people in the firm, and then ask them if you can use them as a reference during the process.

For example, you were a temp brought into the marketing office. You interacted with others doing similar tasks, but you found yourself constantly being partnered with an artist or employee with an authoritative position in the office. Be sure that you have already laid the groundwork that shows you are interested in working full time. Mention the fact that you are about to interview for the post, and then inquire if they would be comfortable serving as a reference.

Finally, you must be prepared to do the “legwork”. If you truly want the job, be sure that you approach the right people and then be even more prepared to follow up with an interview appointment, submitting the right documentation, and meeting all of the requirements for the process. Treat yourself as if you didn’t already have experience in the firm (because no one is a “shoe in” for any position), and this is likely to help you create a sense of thoroughness and sincerity.